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Mentos wanted to launch its three new flavours through an engaging and fun online activity on Facebook that reflected the brand. Mentos was also looking to generate buzz around the new flavours which were packaged in a bottle that could hold 36 gums.


We used the insight of selecting friends from your Facebook friends list. Out of the long list of friends, there are very few who actually are important to you. How about telling them that they add a special flavour to your life?

Our Facebook app took this insight and allowed the users to choose one flavour out of the three and name the bottle to represent the group. From BBFs to College bros to Girl gangs – we had them all. The users picked their special friends that they wanted in their flavour bottle.

The selected friends got an invitation to be bottled up! The more the friends in the bottle, the more your chances to win!

This helped create awareness about the launch of the three new flavours beyond the fan community of Mentos and amplified the engagement.

Fans had the opportunity to win weekly hampers from Mentos and the grand finale winner won an iPhone 6 Plus.

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