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Future Forward Innovations

At Centric, we're not just predicting the future; we're sculpting it. Through AI-driven innovations, we're reimagining boundaries and crafting tomorrow's narratives. Dive into our world of visionary excellence.

Safaa Logo - Symbol of Excellence

Safaa ATS

Safaa ATS elegantly revolutionizes recruitment, blending sophistication with precision. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, it refines the hiring journey from requisition to onboarding, transforming recruitment into an art of curating experiences.

Employer Branding

With Safaa, curate an employer brand that doesn't just speak but resonates, attracting the finest talent with completely branded career portal.

Precision Hiring

Harness the power of AI to transform raw resumes into structured, actionable data. Say goodbye to manual sifting and embrace a future of strategic hiring.

Recruitment Mastery

Craft compelling job descriptions, disseminate them widely, and watch Safaa automate the rest. Experience recruitment that's not just efficient, but also transformative.

Candidate Sourcing

With Safaa's AI prowess, tap into a reservoir of potential candidates tailored for your needs. Build a talent pipeline that's not just rich but also future-ready.

Personalized Connections

Crafted email templates ensure every touchpoint resonates, forging connections that matter in the recruitment journey.

Multilingual Recruitment

Engage globally, communicate in multiple tongues, and make every candidate feel at home, irrespective of language.
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Safaa Intranet

Experience a bespoke intranet solution, meticulously crafted on SharePoint Online and On-Premise, that not only streamlines organizational processes but also amplifies enterprise-wide collaboration unleashing true potential.

Rapid Custom Intranet

Experience a bespoke intranet solution within a mere 30 days. Safaa delivers pre-configured intranets for SharePoint, brimming with enterprise-level features.

Branding Consistency

Align your intranet seamlessly with your brand ethos, ensuring a consistent branding narrative.

Intuitive Search

Our bespoke search engine transcends SharePoint's boundaries, delving deep into PDFs and Office Docs. Fluent in both Arabic and English amongst other languages.

Collaboration Unleashed

Experience collaboration's pinnacle. Safaa's intranet, built on SharePoint, simplifies employee interactions, making teamwork a breeze.

Personalized Workspace

Mold your digital environment with tailored links, calendars, and documents. Craft your workspace for peak productivity.

Knowledge Sharing

Navigate policies, training modules, FAQs, and branding elements with advanced search and filtering capabilities.

Open Feedback Channels

Nurture transparency via announcements, notifications, and vibrant discussion forums.


Elevate organizational efficiency with Safaa's smart workflows and open communication channels, where innovation thrives.
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Liprospect Logo - Symbolizing LinkedIn Automation


LiProspect transforms LinkedIn outreach, generating leads via automation. As a central hub leveraging employee advocacy, it automates and enriches networking, enabling smaller teams to achieve broader impact authentically and strategically.

Automation Suite

Streamline your B2B lead generation with proven techniques, optimizing LinkedIn outreach for efficiency and safety.

Tailored Follow-ups

Craft personalized follow-up messages that resonate, introducing your offerings with precision and impact.

Efficient Drip Sequencing

Automate follow-ups without the manual grind, setting up drip sequences for timely, effective outreach.

Intuitive Smart Inbox

Manage prospect responses effortlessly with an advanced, user-friendly inbox, streamlining communication.

Intelligent Reply

Stay ahead with automatic reply detection, adjusting drip sequences based on real-time interactions.
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Malican: Enhancing Shopping Mall Engagement


Elevating Shopping Malls into Data-Driven Powerhouses. Dive into a realm where every shopper's journey is not just observed but understood, and every tenant's success is meticulously crafted.

AI-Powered Recognition

Harness the power of AI to instantly recognize and validate shopping receipts, streamlining campaign participation and data collection.

Progressive Persona

Evolve with your customers. Each login enriches customer profiles, ensuring personalized experiences and targeted campaigns.

Unique Offers

Deliver personalized offers from favorite mall stores directly to customers' devices, enhancing engagement and driving sales.

Tenant Collaboration

Empower tenants. From special discounts to collaborative campaigns, ensure every store maximizes its potential.

Data-Driven Dashboards

Equip mall management with actionable insights. From footfall patterns to campaign successes, make informed decisions.

One-Time Registration

Simplify the user journey. Register once and seamlessly participate in all future campaigns, ensuring consistent engagement.

Tenant Management Excellence

Strengthen partnerships. From data-driven pitches to tenant success strategies, ensure a thriving retail ecosystem.
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