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The Challenge

ADIPEC stands as the world's premier petroleum exhibition, sprawling over 130,000 sqm. With representation from 23 countries, 30 regional & international IOCs & NOCs, and a record-breaking 8,000+ conferences, the magnitude of ADIPEC is unparalleled. The challenge? Crafting an app that not only resonates with the event's grandeur but also ensures a seamless experience for its diverse attendees.

The app's ambition was multi-fold: keeping visitors abreast of event happenings, bridging speakers with attendees, and harnessing data analytics to measure event success.


Centric's approach was rooted in meticulous research and data-driven insights. We delved into the previous year's metrics, understanding venue-specific challenges and discerning the most sought-after app features. This data-rich backdrop informed our design strategy.

Our crafted UI prioritized user experience, ensuring attendees could effortlessly connect with speakers. Key information was strategically placed for optimal accessibility, while the brand's identity was woven seamlessly into the design. An innovative attendance feature fostered peer interactions, enhancing networking opportunities.

But the app's pièce de résistance was its interactive speaker feature. This allowed real-time Q&A sessions, with live results displayed, amplifying audience engagement and transforming the event's digital experience.

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