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Celebrate our distinguished achievements, showcasing our relentless pursuit of innovation and client success. With a growing list of prestigious awards, our dedication to excellence is unmistakable. Witness the transformative impact of our award-winning strategies and solutions.

Blue Loyalty Program Launch

38th Annual AMA Crystal Award 2024

The Al-Futtaim Blue Loyalty Program Launch unified diverse brands under the Al-Futtaim umbrella into a cohesive and compelling loyalty program. This initiative was designed to enhance customer loyalty, expand brand reach, and drive sales across multiple regions. Our approach included developing a unique brand identity, ensuring consistent cross-border messaging, and delivering a seamless user experience through in-store campaigns, digital marketing efforts, and a feature-rich mobile app.

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Malican YasMall Loyalty Program 


Malican, developed by Centric, has been recognized for its use of Artificial Intelligence to define shopper persona for the retail industry. Clinching the Technology & Innovation award at the Middle East Shopping Centers & Retail Congress, this award is proof of Centric out-of-box thinking and execution; utilizing modern (AI) technologies to solves centuries old problems. 

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YasMall Website

38th Annual AMA Crystal Award 2024

Centric’s 6D approach tailored Yas Mall's website to its primary objective: driving footfall, the mall’s revenue engine. By centering on user personas, we boosted visitor conversion rates and ensured real-time accuracy. The revamped site, featuring intuitive navigation, comprehensive content, and innovative 3D maps, positions Yas Mall as a premier destination for locals and tourists alike.

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