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The brief was to build a digital experience that redefines content consumption on desktop and mobile using the ‘News Cycle’ CMS. The challenge was to re-organize the different information areas within the newspaper and optimize the same for user behavior. Another challenge was to create synergy between offline and online versions of the newspaper while using social media for distribution.


The Centric team kick-started the research and discovery phase by analyzing past user behavior, demographics, time spent on page, reading habits, devices used and much more to develop a revised site architecture. We developed an experience strategy and reorganized the information areas within the website and restructured the navigation and news categories to simplify user experience. We developed wireframes based on the new site architecture and conducted testing at the early phase itself before getting into actual development. The experience strategy exercise resulted in a modular design for the new website that was flexible and scalable, thereby increasing the design lifecycle.

Most visited sections; important sections for the region and business needs were also taken into consideration and landing pages were developed for each section like Business, Sports, National News and other sections.

Functionality and interactions were also defined for each top category under UX/UI and we introduced some nifty high-utility apps for continued engagement.

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