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Dari by Manazel stands as a testament to the UAE's rich heritage, offering exclusive villas to the nation's citizens. The challenge was twofold: to design an information-rich site that not only showcases each villa in its grandeur with 3D renderings, galleries, and floor plans but also to establish a visual tone for Dari that seamlessly transitions across print and digital mediums. Furthermore, the site needed to encapsulate the offline brochure in a user-friendly flipbook format.


Centric delved deep into the UAE's architectural roots, drawing inspiration from its unique blend of traditional design and Islamic architecture. The Arabisk-style wooden structure, emblematic of the region's heritage, became the cornerstone of our design philosophy. The result was a full-screen design that spotlighted individual villas, enriched with intricate details that resonate with the country's legacy. Recognizing the region's high mobile penetration, a dedicated mobile site was crafted, ensuring an optimized user experience across devices.

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