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Streamlining Car Buying Journey

The quintessential car purchase culminates in a financial transaction, predominantly facilitated by bank loans. Historically, this necessitated physical interactions, either at showrooms or bank branches. Amidst a pandemic, Nissan sought to bridge this gap, aiming to integrate financial facilitation within their digital platform, thereby simplifying decision-making for the potential buyer.


Redefining Convenience

Centric, in synergy with Nissan, architected a state-of-the-art solution. This digital marvel not only allowed customers to tailor their vehicle preferences but also empowered them with financial autonomy. By integrating diverse APIs, from vehicle specifications to bank offerings, Centric crafted an experience where customers could assess loan eligibility, juxtapose financing options, and even discern insurance coverages, all while calculating potential monthly outlays.

Prioritizing user experience, the platform was meticulously designed to be intuitive, ensuring effortless navigation across devices, further enhancing customer engagement.


Exceptional Experience

Centric's ethos, deeply rooted in human-centric innovation, leveraged technology to craft transformative experiences. This digital reinvention, spanning 14 regions, not only streamlined Nissan's sales process but also defied global trends. Amidst a pandemic-induced global car sales slump of 10%, Nissan witnessed an 11% sales surge in the Middle East, a testament to the power of timely digital adaptation.

14+ Countries


40+ Banks


6154+ Leads


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