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Underperformance in Online Visibility: HRSS CPAs faced significant challenges due to their poor online visibility, which directly impacted their ability to grow their market presence and attract new clients. The firm struggled to stand out in a competitive digital landscape, resulting in missed opportunities for client acquisition and business expansion.

Poor SERP Rankings: One of the critical issues was the firm's low search engine results page (SERP) rankings for important service-related keywords. Potential clients searching for CPA services were not encountering HRSS CPAs in their search results, leading to a substantial gap between the firm and its target audience. This lack of visibility hindered HRSS CPAs from capturing valuable search traffic that could convert into business leads.

Low Website Engagement: The firm's website struggled with low engagement rates, indicating that visitors were not finding the content compelling or relevant enough to interact with. High bounce rates and short session durations suggested that the website failed to retain visitors' interest, reducing the chances of converting them into clients. This issue pointed to potential problems with the website’s design, user experience, or the quality of the content provided.

Inefficient Content Strategy: HRSS CPAs also faced challenges with content marketing. Their existing content strategy was not effectively attracting or converting leads. This inefficiency meant that valuable content assets were not leveraged to their full potential to engage prospects, educate them about the firm's services, or guide them through the sales funnel. The firm’s content did not align well with the needs and interests of their target audience, which limited its impact.


Increase Website Traffic: Centric aimed to boost the firm's online presence by increasing website traffic by at least 30%. This objective focused on attracting more visitors to the HRSS CPAs' website through improved SEO practices. By driving more organic traffic, the goal was to create more opportunities for engagement and lead generation, ultimately supporting the firm's growth objectives.

Improve SERP Rankings: Another critical objective was to enhance the firm's SERP rankings for key service-related keywords. By targeting strategically important terms, Centric sought to position HRSS CPAs higher in search results where potential clients were looking for CPA services. Improving these rankings would increase the firm's visibility, making it more likely that searchers would find and consider HRSS CPAs over competitors.

Enhance User Engagement:To address the issue of low engagement rates, Centric planned to improve user engagement on the HRSS CPAs' website. This included making the website more user-friendly and ensuring that the content was both engaging and informative. The objective was to create a more compelling user experience that would keep visitors on the site longer, encourage them to interact with the content, and increase the likelihood of converting them into clients.

Strategy and Implementation

Centric's approach integrated several key components:

Research Phase: Before taking any action, we thoroughly analyzed the competitive landscape and potential keywords. This helped us understand where HRSS CPAs stood in relation to its competitors and which keywords would drive the most qualified traffic to their site.

Technical SEO Adjustments: We improved the website's foundational elements, such as increasing site speed to ensure faster loading times, optimizing for mobile use to cater to a broader audience, and restructuring URLs for better indexing and visibility by search engines.

Content Strategy Execution: We developed a targeted content strategy to directly address the needs and questions of HRSS CPAs' potential clients. Each piece of content was designed to provide valuable information, aiming to convert readers into clients by clearly demonstrating HRSS CPAs' expertise

Link Building and Outreach: We focused on building relationships with authoritative websites within the financial sector. These efforts were aimed at creating high-quality backlinks to improve HRSS CPAs' site authority and search visibility.

Ongoing Monitoring and Adjustments: Using the analytics set up at the start, we continuously monitored the website's performance. Adjustments were made based on real data, ensuring that our strategies remained effective and responsive to the changing dynamics of web traffic and user engagement.


Website Traffic: Clicks to the HRSS CPAs' website increased from 1,810 to 4,460 over six months. This significant growth resulted from Centric's comprehensive SEO strategies, including targeted keyword optimization and improved site visibility, driving more potential clients to the website.

User Engagement: New users from organic search nearly doubled, showing a 85.0% increase over six months. The average click-through rate (CTR) also rose from 0.5% to 1.2%. These improvements indicate that optimized meta titles and descriptions effectively attracted a more relevant audience, encouraging more clicks from search engine results.

Engagement Rate: The session duration on the HRSS CPAs' website improved, reflecting higher quality content and a more engaging user experience. Visitors spent more time on the site, exploring multiple pages, which increased the likelihood of conversions.

SERP Position: The average search position for multiple targeted keywords improved by over 10 spots over six months. This boost in SERP rankings means HRSS CPAs' website appeared higher in search results, enhancing visibility and credibility, and attracting more traffic compared to competitors.


The SEO efforts led by Centric have significantly boosted HRSS CPAs' online visibility, increasing traffic and improving user engagement. These results highlight the impact of targeted SEO strategies and underscore the potential for future growth. Moving forward, Centric will continue to refine these strategies to keep building on this success, ensuring HRSS CPAs remains a competitive leader in its market.

1,810 To 4,460

Website Traffic

85.0% Increase

User Engagement

Over 10 Spots

SERP Position

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