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Crafting the Digital Alchemy

MAF's aspiration was not merely digital; it was revolutionary. They envisioned a product that would transcend human limitations, streamline intricate processes, amplify accountability, and curtail operational expenditures. The task was Herculean: decipher multifaceted workflows, diverse user archetypes, intricate business protocols, and seamlessly integrate with a myriad of governmental APIs. The challenge was not just to digitize, but to reimagine, optimize, and execute within an ambitious timeline.


Where Innovation Meets Ingenuity

Centric, with its avant-garde approach, meticulously architected the platform, distilling the essence of MAF's multifarious onboarding processes and managerial activities. The resultant platform was a triad of precision-engineered sections: Onboarding, Government Relations, and Medical Insurance.

The Onboarding sphere empowered employees, the Government Relations segment interfaced with governmental entities, and the Medical Insurance corridor streamlined insurance processes. Each request, a digital symphony, was traceable, manageable, and reportable, with dashboards that not only showcased milestones but illuminated bottlenecks.

Harnessing the prowess of the .Net framework, Centric crafted a digital ecosystem that was not just advanced but epochal, offering a vast library and a runtime milieu tailored for MAF's multifaceted needs.


The Digital Renaissance Realized

The aftermath was nothing short of a digital renaissance. MAF Group witnessed an upsurge in employee engagement, a turbocharged visa renewal mechanism, and a lightning-fast health insurance claim process. The platform's automation and optimization became the linchpin for acceleration, with over 90K employees seamlessly navigating from onboarding to intricate governmental liaisons. The medical insurance portal, with its bespoke rules engine, empowered employees, offering them the autonomy to sculpt their insurance narratives.


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