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Unleashing Creativity with Ballpoint Pens

The BIC Art Master, sponsored by BIC, invites artists from all corners of Africa to participate in this one-of-a-kind event. The competition celebrates the use of BIC ballpoint pens as a medium for creating lifelike and realistic artwork.

The requirement was to create the new brand identity for the competition along with a state-of-the-art platform enables artists to easily participate and submit their entries while facilitating efficient evaluation by the BIC judge panel.


Robust Platform

Centric’s collaboration with BIC has resulted in the development of a cutting-edge digital platform for the BIC Art Master competition. This platform empowers artists to participate seamlessly, submit their entries, and gain recognition for their exceptional talents.

With Centric’s expertise in digital solutions and commitment to delivering a superior user experience, the platform ensured that the competition runs smoothly while showcasing the incredible artistic prowess of African artists.

Realizing the magnitude of the art competition, as it has gained global recognition, the project required us to deliver a comprehensive solution - a robust digital asset management (DAM) platform - with continuous maintenance and support throughout the BIC Art Master competition. We utilized Pimcore, a flexible, powerful, open-source data management platform primarily used for Product Information Management (PIM). It also offers integrated digital asset management solutions to ensure a seamless user experience.


Wealth of Talent

The BIC ART MASTER competition continues to attract many artists from the MENA region. Over 10,000 artworks have been submitted by 25,000 participants from different MENA countries during the past three years, and 15 global winners have been announced, who were awarded cash prizes for their artistic efforts. Three years of consistency, commitment, and determination have translated into an unwavering trust between BIC and Centric.

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