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Navigating Roadblocks: Safaa's Initial Market Hurdles

Visibility Void: As a nascent brand, Safaa grappled with a lack of market recognition. Potential clients remained oblivious to the innovative solutions Safaa brought to the table.

Insight Gaps: Safaa's understanding of the recruitment landscape and its inherent challenges was nascent, making it crucial to pinpoint where their AI-driven solutions could make the most impact.

Geographic Constraints: While Safaa had made strides in the GCC region, breaking into expansive and promising markets like the US remained an uncharted territory.


Strategic Transformation: Centric's Comprehensive Approach

Centric did considerable stakeholder “real” intent behind the idea and what they plan to achieve.

1. Branding & Digital Presence
Website redesign to resonate with target personas.
Calendly and CRM setup for seamless customer interactions.
Inbound marketing strategies to drive organic traffic.
AI-driven SEO content generation to rank for key terms.

2. Market Discovery & Persona Development
Stakeholder interviews to understand Safaa's vision.
Competitor analysis to identify market gaps.
Persona development targeting HR professionals, CEOs, CFOs, and Project Managers.

3. Demand Generation & Outreach
LinkedIn tracking and outreach.
Website A/B testing to optimize user experience.
Pop-up banners to capture exit intent.

4. Geographic Expansion
Targeted strategies for the GCC and US markets based on unique regional insights.

5. Partner Mapping & Engagement
Research on potential partners in Saudi Arabia.
Partner engagement strategies to expand Safaa's reach.


Strategic Moves, Stellar Outcomes

Our alliance with Safaa has not only been symbiotic but also transformative. Venturing into the U.S. landscape, Safaa's brand resonance has skyrocketed, culminating in a staggering $3 million sales pipeline in a mere 60 days. As Safaa's next-gen ATS reverberates across the Gulf and the U.S., we're not just witnessing a success story; we're co-authoring a recruitment revolution. This monumental stride fortifies our collaborative ethos, anchoring our presence and partnerships in both pivotal regions.


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