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Digital Hurdles

Centric identified the challenges faced by Basamh Group, which included User Experience (UX), Responsive Design, Content Management, Performance Optimization, and Brand Consistency.
Basamh encountered issues with UX, impeding customer engagement and satisfaction. Moreover, their website's lack of Responsive Design resulted in a less than optimal user experience across different devices. Challenges in Content Management affected the organization and accessibility of data.
Performance Optimization was critical as slow loading times adversely affected user retention and conversion rates. Additionally, maintaining Brand Consistency across digital platforms presented challenges, risking the dilution of Basamh's brand identity and message. Addressing these issues was crucial for Basamh's digital transformation and continued growth.


Strategic Overhaul

Leveraging its professional team's expertise, Centric, a Pimcore Gold Partner, proposed utilizing Pimcore's robust features to address Basamh Group's challenges effectively. Pimcore's comprehensive suite offered tailored solutions for User Experience (UX), Responsive Design, Content Management, Performance Optimization, and Brand Consistency.
Centric's team meticulously implemented these features, ensuring Basamh's challenges were seamlessly resolved. Through strategic planning and execution, they successfully transformed Basamh's digital landscape, exceeding expectations and achieving client satisfaction.


Basamh Group's Leap Forward with Centric

Post-implementation, Basamah Group witnessed a significant transformation in their digital presence. Enhanced user experience led to increased engagement and customer satisfaction. The responsive design broadened accessibility across devices, improving user interaction. Efficient content management and optimized website performance resulted in higher retention and conversion rates. The project fortified Basamh's brand consistency across platforms, reinforcing their market position.




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