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Seamless Splurge

In the ever-evolving ballet of consumer behavior, today's shoppers are discerning, seeking not just products but stories, experiences, and connections. The UAE's grand shopping arenas faced the challenge of reimagining their allure, especially during the festive embrace of EID. How does one craft an experience that's not just about spending, but also about winning, celebrating, and cherishing?



Enter the Yas Mall Eidiya Campaign 2023—a whirlwind of excitement where every shopper could try their luck with a spin and perhaps walk away with a gleaming Aldar gift card. But the magic lay in the details. Centric, with a heart that beats in sync with every shopaholic's desires, crafted a platform optimized for those on-the-go mobile moments. Quick QR scans whisked shoppers into a realm of possibility.

Our pièce de résistance? Malican.
An AI maestro trained to read and recognize mall receipts, verifying details with finesse. From the Mall's name to the date of purchase, every element was scrutinized, ensuring genuine entries. And then, the game—a spin, a chance, a thrill. Configurable odds, tailored experiences for new and returning visitors, and insights that painted vivid portraits of shopping habits. This wasn't just a campaign tool; it was a canvas for myriad shopping tales across Aldar's majestic malls.


Retail's New Melody

Malican didn't just meet expectations; it danced beyond them. The Eidiya Campaign 2023 resonated with shoppers, drawing them into a waltz of participation and reward. As receipts transformed into chances and spins into wins, Yas Mall redefined the shopping narrative, crafting moments of unparalleled delight.

348% Increase

New Registrations

500% Growth

Receipts / Day

435% Higher

Spend / Day

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