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Creating Fruitful Engagement

Rainbow was established as a brand which is always associated with the small joys in life. A platform which showcases the legacy of the brand, a long-term relationship that it cherishes with its loyal customers. A digital catalogue of the entire range of products available in the region with e-commerce capabilities. Publishing unique recipes that could be made using rainbow products and can be used during special occasions. A platform that should engage with the customer and promote them to submit their own recipes using Rainbow Milk. The priority is to keep the brand identity intact in the digital space and make the interface intuitive and user-friendly.


Enhanced Interaction

Starting with our UX strategy, we gathered the stakeholder's requirements and developed a platform which served as a digital guide for the brand across the region. The platform was built on the robust Pimcore CMS which also provides digital asset management (DAM) allowing to centralize all media assets for better product management. An innovative design was developed for showcasing recipes featuring videos for each step involved hence guiding the end users while preparing a dish. This resulted in promoting rainbow products within each recipe and its vast applications. The platform encouraged users to submit their own recipes and gain loyalty points for each interaction. The web portal also provided a dedicated section for product catalogues, enabling customers to seamlessly navigate it for an exceptional user experience which was created by an intuitive interface.


Creating memorable moments

The platform enabled the brand to engage with its customers and create awareness among its target audience. It managed to demonstrate the use of its products in different scenarios. The brand was able to establish its digital presence in the region while increasing the engagement level with its target audience.


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