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Enhancing Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is about making the workforce feel connected while encouraging them to work to the best of their abilities to help the organization. ADMO wanted to streamline the day-to-day process for each individual and build functionalities that digitally transform most of the activities. The aim was to build a cross-functional and inter-departmental collaboration platform and engage employees in real time. Digital transformation of workflows that would save time and would result in better reporting and management of resources. The platform backend had to be based on Microsoft SharePoint and utilize its robust engine to deliver an enhanced employee engagement experience.


Streamlining Employee Interaction

Centric developed an intranet platform based on Microsoft SharePoint that enabled the organization to bring every single employee on a single platform and improve communication and increase interaction within different departments. ADMO being a big organization needed different ways to collect feedback and opinions from their employees and hence we developed surveys and polls with detailed reporting for better decision makings.

The platform empowered ADMO to communicate their initiatives, latest news, events and announcements in a more effective manner. Service-related workflows allowed employees to easily apply and track their requests. We developed a document management system for individuals and departments so they can quickly access the archive. To increase awareness and interaction within the departments, directories were created for Employees, Departments and other Government organizations. This platform was deployed on-premise but can also be a cloud-based product.


Exceptional Employee Experience

The deployment of the SharePoint-powered Intranet portal has worked wonders for ADMO, as it has experienced a significant increase in employee engagement, productivity, and operational efficiency. The platform has helped in creating more awareness within the organization and brings more accountability to every department.

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