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Breath's Guardian

Viromask wasn't just another face mask. It was a promise, a covenant of safety, fortified with the prowess of anti-viral technology. Amidst a sea of masks, Viromask's challenge was to rise, to resonate its superior protection, and to echo its dedication to humanity. The narrative wasn't just about a product; it was about a lifeline in treacherous times. And in this narrative, every detail mattered—from the brand's essence to its voice in a saturated market.


Crafting Safety

Centric, with a heart full of fervor, embarked on this journey with Viromask. From the birth of an idea to the tangible touch of protection, we sculpted the product's very soul. Our canvas was vast—from sketches to 3D designs, from the whisper of a brand to its roaring presence. The packaging wasn't just a container; it was a storyteller, narrating tales of safety for both adults and children.

eCommerce Strategy
Harnessing the power of Pimcore, we wove a digital tapestry—an e-commerce platform that transcended borders.

Amazon and Other Third-Party Marketplaces

Viromask's presence was amplified on renowned platforms, ensuring accessibility and visibility.

Retail and Distribution

Strategic partnerships and distribution channels were established, ensuring Viromask's omnipresence in key markets.

Demand Generation

Our omnichannel strategy was a symphony of marketing, PR, and social media, crescendoing with the voice of over 250 influencers, including the iconic Lindsay Lohan.


A Safer Tomorrow

Viromask wasn't just launched; it was celebrated. Our passion bore fruit as Viromask graced households across four continents, becoming a symbol of trust. With over 1M+ units sold and a burgeoning community on social media, Viromask emerged as a beacon in the pandemic's stormy night.

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