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Enhancing MIS's Data Efficiency

Project Summary & Challenges

Recognizing the need for a digital presence that mirrors its stature, MIS embarked on a transformative journey to revamp its corporate website. The goal was clear: to craft a platform that reflects the company’s technological prowess and forward-thinking philosophy. To achieve this, MIS partnered with Centric, a seasoned Pimcore Gold Partner known for taking over 1800 websites live. This collaboration was poised to address a complex set of requirements that encompass showcasing MIS’s diverse portfolio and integrating real-time financial data to keep stakeholders informed.

Disparate and Inconsistent Data:

The challenge of inconsistent and disparate data is prevalent across industries, and MIS was no exception. Each department within MIS managed its data independently, leading to inconsistencies that could dilute the brand’s message and confuse potential clients. Centric faced the task of harmonizing this data without compromising the unique needs and contributions of each department.

Scattered Digital Assets:

Digital assets are vital for modern enterprises, yet at MIS, these were scattered across various departments. This dispersion resulted in inefficiencies and a lack of synergy in managing and utilizing these assets effectively, posing a significant challenge in the centralization of resources.

Existing Partnership with Centric:

This project offered Centric an exceptional opportunity to strengthen its partnership with MIS. Given their ongoing collaboration on various digital transformation projects, it was crucial for Centric to demonstrate its capabilities not just in delivering technical solutions but also in managing high-stake, high-visibility projects.

Data Revolution


Master Data Management (MDM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Centric implemented Pimcore’s robust MDM and DAM systems to centralize and manage MIS’s data and digital assets. This strategic move not only streamlined data across departments but also enhanced security and operational efficiency. Centric custom-designed MDM attributes tailored to the unique divisions and offerings of MIS, ensuring a cohesive and accurate representation of the company across the digital domain.

Bilingual Website Interface:

Acknowledging the linguistic diversity of Saudi Arabia, Centric incorporated advanced localization features into the website, offering seamless bilingual (Arabic and English) capabilities. This not only catered to a broader audience but also improved user engagement across different demographic segments.

Achieving Concrete Success


The collaboration between MIS and Centric resulted in significant improvements across various metrics. The newly launched website saw a remarkable 41% increase in sessions and a 66% increase in leads, indicating higher engagement and conversion rates. These outcomes not only reinforced MIS’s leadership in the tech sector but also highlighted Centric’s expertise in leveraging digital solutions for transformative results.

Through this case study, Centric demonstrates its ability to navigate complex digital landscapes and deliver solutions that significantly enhance operational efficiency and market presence, reaffirming MIS’s satisfaction with the project’s success and fortifying their strategic partnership.


Load Time Decrease


Sessions Increase


Website Leads Increase

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