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Illuminating the QX80's Elegance

Infiniti, Nissan's luxury emblem, envisioned a unique platform to spotlight the QX80, a luxury SUV renowned for its off-roading prowess and unparalleled comfort. Yet, the QX80 often found itself eclipsed by its kin, the Nissan Patrol. The ambition was clear: curate a series of influencer-led adventures, offering an extended, immersive review of the car. However, existing streaming platforms posed a dilemma. The data they provided was nebulous, non-actionable, and lacked the granularity required for personalized communication. Infiniti sought a scalable solution, one that could evolve into an OTT platform, complete with mobile apps, casting features, and more.


Crafting the Digital Stage

Centric's vision was to craft a standalone streaming platform, one that seamlessly merged scalability with endless possibilities. A digital realm exclusively for Infiniti, poised to evolve into an OTT streaming app for effortless accessibility. Initial invites, leveraging Infiniti's CRM, were dispatched to potential customers, beckoning them to this new digital haven. The platform wasn't just about streaming; it was about creating an experience, a narrative that resonated with the luxury and innovation that the QX80 epitomized.


The Resonance of Refined Engagement

The result was nothing short of transformative. Infiniti didn't just have a platform; they had a digital realm that echoed the brand's ethos of luxury and innovation. The QX80's narrative, told through the eyes of influencers, resonated, amplifying user engagement fivefold. It wasn't just a win for the QX80; it was a monumental leap for Infiniti, reinforcing its position as Nissan's crown jewel in the luxury car segment. The digital odyssey had begun, and with Centric at the helm, the horizon was limitless.


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