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Free SEO Report Tool

With this SEO tool, you can instantly analyze critical SEO metrics such as desktop/ mobile optimization, site navigability, social media performance & much more!




Get an instant SEO check and anaylsis with our free tool

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How to

Use this tool

Get ready to receive a huge report from our FREE SEO Checker! You can test your entire site or a specific blog post in less than one minute.

The results will include an overall grade, as well as a breakdown of loading speed, tags, keywords, copy, mobile-friendliness, links, and more! This free tool is perfect for business owners wanting to learn more about their site’s SEO.

Start off by visiting this page and filling in the URL you would like to analyze. You can also enter a competitor’s URL to get a side-by-side comparison. Then, enter the keyword you would like to focus on for the analysis and your e-mail address to get started.

For this example, we decided to analyze one of our client's website about shopping mall

It took about 15 seconds to load the report after clicking “Scan Now.” Overall, the website earned a grade of 74%.