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Client Success Stories: Centric's Impact - Goodycs

Centric's proficiency comes to the forefront in the triumphant case study of Goodycs, a tailored B2B platform for the dynamic HORECA sector. This narrative not only underscores Centric's mastery but also highlights the strategic utilization of SEMrush, C2, and AI technologies.

Informed Decision-Making with Data Analytics

Centric's Approach: A dynamic blend of SEMrush, C2, and AI technologies empowered Centric to make informed decisions at every turn of the Goodycs journey. Over 80% of marketing professionals leverage data analytics for decision-making, utilizing advanced tools to evaluate campaigns comprehensively.

Customized Campaigns for Personalized Experiences

Centric strategically leveraged SEMrush to enhance the visibility and resonance of Goodycs.com in the competitive digital landscape. This approach ensures personalized experiences tailored to the specific needs of the HORECA sector.

Efficient Resource Allocation through Analytics

C2: Elevating Marketing Automation: The integration of C2 into Goodycs  showcases Centric's commitment to personalized marketing experiences. C2 facilitated targeted campaigns, nurturing leads efficiently and optimizing the conversion journey.

Holistic Data Analytics: The Centric Advantage

Centric's Data-Driven Synergy: Goodycs's success is a testament to Centric's holistic data analytics approach. Seamlessly integrating SEMrush for SEO insights, C2 for marketing automation, and AI for intelligent solutions, Centric created a platform that transcends the conventional, ensuring an unparalleled user experience tailored to the specific needs of the HORECA sector.

Centric's Partnership with Hotjar: Enhancing User Experience

Now that Centric has partnered with Hotjar, the capabilities have expanded:

  • Consultation and Setup:

    • Conducting initial audits using Hotjar to identify areas for improvement.
    • Assisting clients in setting up Hotjar on their websites for proper data capture.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting:

    • Providing customized reports based on Hotjar data.
    • Offering ongoing analysis and reporting services for continuous improvement.
  • User Experience (UX) Improvement:

    • Leveraging Hotjar insights for UX design recommendations.
    • Implementing A/B testing based on Hotjar findings to refine website elements.
  • Continuous Support:

    • Providing continuous support to address client queries and interpret Hotjar data.
    • Keeping clients informed about new Hotjar features and updates for maximizing its potential.

In essence, the Goodycs case study, coupled with Centric's strategic partnership with Hotjar, exemplifies how an integrated approach to data analytics and cutting-edge technologies becomes a catalyst for crafting success stories in the dynamic digital landscape.


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