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Enhancing Mothers’ Engagement

A child’s overall development is the primary focus of a mother. Our challenge was to create a process and a platform that helps mothers in developing different skills in their children. An interactive platform which engages with mothers and establishes their relationship with the brand. To create an intuitive platform that encourages mothers to take up challenges along with their children and participate. While creating an emotional connection between the mothers and Aptamil.


Sharing Experiences

Centric designed and developed a dynamic web platform that allowed mothers to share their experience and their involvement with their children's overall development, we designed challenges focused on different skills like fine motor, creative, interactive, cognitive, physical and verbal skills, each having milestones. The challenges involved interactive games which were engaging for the kids.

Interactive games such as Animal Kingdom, Match the Match, Balloon Poppers, Little Detective, and Paint Your Story were part of the platform.

Aptamil in collaboration pediatrician prepared diet plans which improved children’s mental and physical growth. The platform also tracked milestones to see every individual child’s growth and improvement.


Joy of Parenting

We celebrated the bond between mothers and their children with our “My Future Champion” campaign for Aptamil. The campaign was a huge success in the U.A.E with 16K+ participations. The motive to engage mothers and get them involved in their children’s development was achieved through an interactive web platform, which led to increased brand awareness about infant formula milk.

30 Months


16K+ Mothers


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